Children’s Water Feature!

Team Daviot welcomed Yvonne Elliott-Kellighan (and art student, Lar MacGregor) from Bespoke Atelier into school today. Class 2 pupils have been selected, alongside four other schools, to help design a new children’s water feature for the River Ness. It is huge honour, and our pupils didn’t disappoint. Yvonne was so impressed with the children’s imagination and innovation. She also said our pupils were the only class to consider the technical and engineering implications of the project. That made my day! Mr Elder and Mr Williams deserve a very big well done for helping the children to transfer new skills across different projects. Absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait to see what design Yvonne’s team choose. Go Team Daviot!

1 thought on “Children’s Water Feature!

  1. Lara

    Such a lovely set of photos from today. It’s brilliant to see the kids working so well together on a broad range of transferable skills!


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