Daily Archives: February 26, 2017

***Five Stars for Holly***

img_4693Holly’s enthusiasm for reading is always a delight to see – but when I found out that she read the first Harry Potter book in one sitting last week, it made my day. She enjoyed the novel so much, she flew through the second book too! I gave her the third book on Friday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has finished it already! Sometimes it is hard to believe that Holly is only 8 years old. Truly incredible! In this digital age, it lovely to see a child so young developing such a love of literature. Well done, Holly! Your 5 Star Gold Award is very well deserved. I’m so proud of you, and I know your entire family will be too!

River Ness Public Art Project

I am thrilled to announce that Daviot Primary School has been chosen to participate in the River Ness Public Art Project. Two artists are coming along to school on Tuesday afternoon to a deliver a water feature workshop to Class 2 children. It should be a wonderful educational experience for the pupils. More information about the project will be posted soon.

***Pancake Day***

img_1342As many people will know, it is Pancake Day next week. It has become a bit of a Daviot tradition for Mrs Mackinnon to make pancakes with the pupils to mark Shrove Tuesday. If any parents would not like their children to participate for religious reasons, please post a message on the blog or drop me an email. Thanks for your support.

***Kits and Bottles***

I’m just adding a quick post to remind parents to send children fully prepared for all physical education sessions. This week, children have gymnastics club on Tuesday (after school), PE on Wednesday morning and swimming on Thursday afternoon. Thanks for your support.