Community Links!


The names below list members of the school community, local community and business community supporting Daviot pupils to succeed and thrive! Believe it or not, this list only includes what’s in the diary for next week!

  • Fèis Rois: Scottish traditional music and the Gaelic language (Monday)
  • Pauline Macrea: Highlands Astronomical Society (Monday)
  • Parent Council: School Meeting (Monday)
  • Kristen Macleod: Harmony Music Therapy Scotland (Tuesday)
  • Andrew Howard: Managing Director of Moray Estates (Tuesday)
  • Louise Humphries: Gymnastics Coach (Tuesday)
  • Calum Scott-Woodhouse: Specialist PE Teacher (Wednesday)
  • Fiona Boyd: Sustainability Officer (Wednesday)
  • David Elder: STEM Ambassador (Wednesday)
  • Andrew Williams: Construct a Crane Project (Thursday)
  • Highlife Highland Instructors: Specialist Swimming Coaches (Thursday)
  • Andrew Parker: Bringing a real crane to school! (Friday)
  • Martin O’Parka: Gigajam music tuition (Friday)
  • Andrew McCallum: Teacher (All Week)
  • Christine MacPherson: Teacher (All Week)
  • Christine Mackinnon: Pupil Support (All Week)
  • Antonia Koukouzela: Teacher (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Carol Robb: Clerical (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) 
  • Sheila Arthur: Cook (All Week) 
  • Brian Hossack: Janitorial services and complete legend! (Tuesday)

Thank you to everyone!  #SupportSmallSchools

4 thoughts on “Community Links!

  1. alex

    Wow no wonder I have trouble keeping up with the school schedule! Good job I have the blog to keep me straight!!!! Thanks

  2. Lara

    Well said, Julie. If it takes a village to raise a child, how far will our kids get with a whole community behind them?

  3. Anonymous

    As grandparents we also enjoy supporting Team Daviot because our grandchildren get so much out of the teaching and learning and are very happy at school. The curriculum for excellence is certainly in full swing.
    Heather and Robin

  4. Julie

    Wow that’s amazing. What a great community we have and long may it continue! Our kids are so lucky! As a parent I appreciate all the hard work that everyone puts in. Thank you so much. 😁😁😁😁😁


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