Daily Archives: February 9, 2017

***Skiing Trip**

I am pleased to announce that I have provisionally booked a skiing trip to the Lecht on Friday 24th February. Obviously, this will depend on the amount of snow that falls over the next few weeks. In preparation, can everyone email Carol the height, weight and shoe size of their children. Due to the provisional nature of the booking – if any parents would like to join us on the trip and ski on the day, it is probably best to contact the Lecht directly.

***Permission Slips***

In addressing the issue of the number of permission slips required for school trips, it was agreed at a previous parent council meeting that a single slip would be sufficient. The option to opt out of individual trips will be at the discretion of parents and communicated to the head teacher via the school blog/email/phone or face to face communication. If you are happy with this arrangement, please sign and return the form being sent home with the children tomorrow. Thanks for your support.

***Tornagrain Trip***

Class 2 have been invited to the new housing development at Tornagrain. Mr Howard, the Managing Director of Moray Estates Development Company, has agreed to show us around, and he has organised for us to see some of the ways renewable energy is being integrated into the project. The trip will be taking place next Tuesday (February 14th). The children will need a packed lunch and warm clothes on that day.

***Milk Cartons***

plasticbottles-lgeAs part of Class 1’s Arctic Adventure project, they are planning to build a giant igloo out of plastic milk cartons. For the task, they will need lots of 2 litre and 4 litre milk cartons. If parents could save them and send them into school, that would be great. Thanks for your support.

***Parent Council Meeting***

The next parent council meeting has been scheduled for Monday 13th February at 6.30pm. It will be located in the main school building. As discussed at our previous meeting, I will not be attending. However, I will be at school to provide a child minding service for any parents who have difficulty arranging child care.