So Proud!

Unfortunately, Mrs MacPherson was off school today (get well soon, Mrs Mac!) – so Class 2 had the chance to join in with Class 1’s Arctic Adventure topic. We learnt all about Inuit boats, and then we designed and made some of our own. It was great to see the younger and older children working so well together again (it reminded me so much of last year). The support, cooperation and encouragement demonstrated by every child in the class filled my heart with delight. A VERY big well done goes out to Josh for expertly teaching pupils and staff how to make origami boats. His generosity of spirit was fantastic – and his instructions were perfect. If he doesn’t take up acting or singing in the future, he could definitely have a career in education. I have been so impressed with Josh in every aspect of school life this year. I’m so proud of his progress – and I know his mum, dad, sister and grandparents will be too! Well done, young man. Well done, everyone! I’m so proud of you all! Go Team Daviot!

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