Daily Archives: January 15, 2017

***Winter Bug***

I hope everyone has avoided the nasty sickness bug flying around. Unfortunately, I haven’t been so lucky. It hit me very hard this weekend. In fact, I can’t quite remember a time when I felt this poorly – so Calum is in big trouble when I get back to school!! Ha-ha Only joking, Calum. Sadly, I won’t be well enough to come to school tomorrow – and I certainly don’t want to pass this virus on to anyone. Therefore, I’m going to have to postpone our performance again (as it was sceduled for tomorrow afternoon). I’m so sorry. It will only be for a few days, but I hope you all understand. Fingers crossed, I will be back on Tuesday. Many apologies for the inconvenience caused. I will let you know the new date as soon as possible. Sorry again. Mr Mac 🤒