***Please Read***


Upcoming Events….

  • Parent Council Meeting: December 12th (6 – 7pm in the main school building).
  • Christmas Lunch: December 14th (12 – 1pm in the main school building).
  • P7 Transition Ceilidh: December 16th (10 – 12.15pm at Millburn Academy).
  • Winter Performance: December 19th (11 – 12pm at Daviot Hall).
  • December 21st: Winter Wonderland Party (1 – 3pm at Daviot Hall).
  • December 22nd: Pantomime (1.30 – 3.30pm at Eden Court).
  • December 23rd: End of term (Toy day/Non uniform day).
  • January 9th: Start of term (Infinity Trampoline Park).

More details will be posted soon…

2 thoughts on “***Please Read***

  1. Gillian McKnight

    Dear Mr Mac. I am not happy about when the Winter Performance is being held. I will be at Millburn and I wanted to see Kirsten playing Kaya!

    Lauren 😉


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