***Teething Problems***

I believe some of the children in Class 2 experienced difficulties accessing Kano World this weekend. It looks like pupils living around Daviot had the most problems. The biggest issues seemed to be accessing a stable internet connection and creating a user name. I suspect this is down to the BT engineers working in the local area. Children living elsewhere encountered no issues at all. Unfortunately, due to Highland Council procurement policy, getting the Kanos online at school isn’t as straight forward as you might imagine. Therefore, I won’t be able to fix any internet related problems at school for a few days (maybe longer). Consequently, I would really appreciate it if parents could encourage children having a few difficulties to stay resilient and keep trying. That is all a part of the engineering learning curve. There is also plenty of coding that can be done offline. We are at the very early stages of this project, so there will inevitably be a few teething problems. Thanks for your support.

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