***Please Read***


PE Kits: I’m just adding a quick reminder about PE kits (and trainers). They are needed in school every Monday and Wednesday. Some children are coming unprepared for lessons. If it would be easier to leave PE kits in school all week, that would be fine.

Cold Snap: It can get very cold at Daviot during the winter months, so I’d really appreciate it if parents could send children into school with warm coats, gloves, hats and scarfs. I would also recommend vests and leggings for our younger pupils and wellies when it is wet. Thanks for your support.

Healthy Snacks: I have noticed quite a few pupils have fallen back into bad habits. Lots of crisps, cakes and biscuits are sneaking out onto the yard (with a bit of help from the children ha-ha). Please send healthy snacks for break time. I’m very happy for children to have some of their ‘favourite foods’ at lunchtime.

Homework: Please support children in Class 1 to practise their reading at home as often as possible. Short regular sessions are the best way to progress quickly. I would also like to remind Class 2 pupils to complete their Horrible Histories tasks at home – as well as their coding on the Kano!

Christmas: Daviot is a mixed faith school, so logistically, Christmas is always a challenging time for me. I will endeavour to provide a traditional Christmas experience for the children who look forward to it so much. However, I will also respect the beliefs of the families who don’t celebrate it. As a matter of principle, I never start any Christmas activities before December. I also keep it quite low key until the last few weeks of term. This is something I’ve always done since I worked in a school that started Christmas celebrations at the beginning of November! More details about my plans for this year will be posted soon.

Parent Council Meeting: The date of our next parent council meeting is December 12th at 6pm (in the main building). Everyone is welcome to attend. To support parents who may have difficulty arranging child care, I will try to organise a member of staff to supervise children who need to be brought along. As soon as I know for sure, I will post it on the blog.

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