Five Star Jake!

We had an unexpected visitor at the tuck shop today. Incredibly, a golden retriever (not one of mine, ha-ha) smelt our snacks from a mile away. So, she ran away from her owner, trekked through Derek’s garden and then jumped his wall into the school grounds. I think that shows the standard of Mrs MacAskill’s baking skills! For those who don’t know, Jake is very wary of dogs. Abby, the dog, sensing his lovely nature went straight over to him – and Jake never flinched! I was so proud of him – because it was quite a shock. Jake is now looking forward to meeting the guide dog that will visiting school next term. Well done, Jake. 5 STARS for bravery!

7 thoughts on “Five Star Jake!

  1. Anonymous

    Whoop whoop – well done jake!!!!! Haha – Abby must of know we were having a fundraiser for guide dogs! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈ


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