Daily Archives: October 7, 2016

Please Take 10!

img_7762I would really appreciate it if parents and pupils took ten minutes over the holidays to scroll through the school blog. It’s amazing to see what the children have been up to this term. I had a visit from my quality improvement officer a few weeks ago, and she genuinely thought the first couple of weeks of term was a summary of everything we had done last year! Have a wonderful October holiday, everyone. I know next term will be just as much fun! Go Team Daviot!

Five Star Jake!

We had an unexpected visitor at the tuck shop today. Incredibly, a golden retriever (not one of mine, ha-ha) smelt our snacks from a mile away. So, she ran away from her owner, trekked through Derek’s garden and then jumped his wall into the school grounds. I think that shows the standard of Mrs MacAskill’s baking skills! For those who don’t know, Jake is very wary of dogs. Abby, the dog, sensing his lovely nature went straight over to him – and Jake never flinched! I was so proud of him – because it was quite a shock. Jake is now looking forward to meeting the guide dog that will visiting school next term. Well done, Jake. 5 STARS for bravery!

5 Star Lucca!

Lucca was amazing at the Lego Mindstorm workshop this week. He picked up the programming skills so quickly, and then he started sharing his expertise with other members of the class too. Definitely worth FIVE STARS! Well done, young man!

Message from the Museum!

I received a lovely email from Francesca (from the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery) this morning. In it she said,

“I was genuinely so impressed with all the children today – they are such a great group, and so knowledgeable and enthusiastic! It was an absolute pleasure to have them in the museum!”

I know that Allessio and Kirsty from Skills Development Scotland felt the same way when we attended the Mindstorm workshop this week. Every time we go on a class trip, people are stunned by the manners, attitude and behaviour of the pupils at Daviot Primary School. That makes me so proud.

Well done, everyone!