Daily Archives: October 4, 2016

It’s Fun to Run!

Evette, Kirsten, Ethan and Archie represented the school magnificently at the Cross Country Championships today. Hundreds of children competed from schools across the Highlands, and the way our team enthusiastically approached the challenge was an absolute delight to see. I was so proud of their effort and determination.

Evette came in a very impressive 62nd place. And our three P5s – competing against relative giants – came in 125th (Kirsten), 168th, (Archie) and 170th (Ethan).

Absolutely brilliant. Go Team Daviot!

Well Done, Rachel!

img_6486I would like to say a very special Team Daviot well done to Rachel from Farr Primary. She was the only girl competing for her school today. I was so impressed with her strength of character, and her finishing place was amazing. Well done, young lady. You are an inspiration to female athletes everywhere! I know your entire school will be very proud of you, and you should be very proud of yourself. Go Team Farr!