Monthly Archives: October 2016

Hoping for Hockey!

I’m just adding a quick post to remind parents that most of our P5-7 pupils will be taking part in a hockey event at Millburn Academy on Wednesday. Carol will be transporting and chaperoning the children, and all permission slips have been received. Please send PE kits and water bottles on that day. The children are scheduled to return after 12pm, so a packed lunch might be a good idea too (if possible). I’m hoping that everyone is feeling better by Wednesday; we were very low on numbers by the end of today.

***Tummy Bug***

I’m just adding a quick post to let parents know that there is a bit of a stomach bug flying around school at the moment. One pupil was kept off today, and three have gone home this morning. Obviously, it’s difficult to know if they are all linked, but it is a very rare occurrence for children at Daviot to complain about being poorly – so I am taking their complaints seriously. If children are mentioning stomach cramps, it might be best to keep them off school, because that seems to be the main symptom.

Thank you, Evette!


I’m so pleased you like maths now, Evette. I know you didn’t for a long time! Your progress this year has been exceptional. Well done! And thank you for the lovely message you left on my board at home time. You really are a credit to your family, and Team Daviot is very lucky to have you! We will miss you so much next year.

5 Stars for Yvie!!!

img_9339Five Stars for being a fab friend to a little girl in the Farr Play Park. Apparently, the girl was very upset, and even though Yvie didn’t know her, she took it upon herself to cheer her up and play with her. I was not surprised to hear that at all, because Yvie is a delightful young lady, but I was still very proud! Well done, Yvie! Your considerate nature and infectious personality brighten up every Daviot day!