***New Classes***

I am thrilled to announce that Daviot Primary has been allocated two full time teachers for the new session – a huge milestone for our school. When we started a few years ago, the prospect of a two class school seemed very unlikely indeed. Therefore, I would like to thank everyone in the school community for their incredible support. The increased staffing has led to a change in the classes. From the start of next term, the class structure will be as follows:

Mrs MacPherson: P1 – P3 class teacher. This class will be located in the cabin.

Mr McCallum: P4 – P7 class teacher. This class will be located in the main building.

A new teacher, Ms Koukouzela, will cover my management time. More details on this arrangement will follow.

Mrs Mackinnon (PSA) will provide timetabled support across both classes.

I would like to apologise for the delay in notifying parents of these changes. They were only agreed by the Highland Council during the summer holidays. Obviously, these new and unexpected changes will create a completely new school dynamic. As a result, it will take a little time for new structures and systems to settle down and embed. I would really value your patience as the school adapts, and please accept my sincere apologies in advance for any bumps in the road. It is a very exciting time for Daviot Primary School, and I’m really looking forward to another wonderful year!

2 thoughts on “***New Classes***

  1. Lara

    That’s absolutely brilliant news! Thanks very much for letting us know ahead of the first day back. Hope you’ve had a nice relaxing holiday and are looking forward to the new term.


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