***Sports Afternoon***

This post is to notify everyone that it is Daviot Primary’s sports afternoon on Wednesday (June 15th). We are scheduled to start at 1.30 pm at the park in front of the school. The anticipated finish time is 3 pm. I’m pleased to say that next year’s P1s will be joining us too. Mr Scott-Woodhouse will be leading the activities, and you are all invited to come along to watch the fun. Please remember to send your children fully prepared for an afternoon of sport. Unfortunately, if the weather forces us to cancel the event, we won’t be able to reschedule – so fingers crossed for sunshine!

2 thoughts on “***Sports Afternoon***

  1. Marisa Evason

    Weather forecast doesnt seem to be very good for tomorrow typically! Let’s hope the forecast is wrong. If the weather is bad is it an option to do the sports in the gym hall at the community centre? If the sports have to be cancelled will the p1 transition still go ahead?

    1. daviotblog Post author

      Hi Marisa. Unfortunately, the hall isn’t an option. The electricians are in. It is too small anyway. Wouldn’t be safe. P1 transition will still go ahead though. Fingers crossed it turns out ok. Will post info on the blog as soon as I know for sure.


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