***£2,500 Towards Steph’s Recovery***

For those who haven’t heard, Stephanie Inglis is out of her coma – and yesterday morning, she reached out to hold her father’s hand. Absolutely brilliant! I know you will all join me in celebrating this wonderful news. I am also pleased to announce that Team Daviot’s fundraising event on Saturday raised £2,500 to support Stephanie’s recovery. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. Get well soon, Steph!


3 thoughts on “***£2,500 Towards Steph’s Recovery***

  1. Heather Mitchell

    Very well done to all who took part in the walk and/or supported in other ways. I was so impressed with the efforts by Daviot community and the school. Julie worked hard to organise a brilliant bake sale and the contributions were delicious! The beans I bought have tripled in size already!
    Heather (Grandma to Jake and Holly)

  2. Julie

    Wow! That’s amazing!!! Soooo proud of our little school. So happy to be helping Steph and her family. It was so lovely that her grandad and uncle could come along on Saturday too to see the schools efforts. Well done Mr Mac for leading our school so well! Go Team Daviot! Go Steph Inglis!!


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