Monthly Archives: June 2016

***Celebration Assembly***

I am just adding a quick post to remind all parents that we are having a celebration assembly on the last day of term. It will take place at the village hall, and it is scheduled to start at 10.30 am. The event will be very informal, and everyone is welcome to attend. Coffee and cake will be available at the end. I anticipate everything with be finished before (or around) 12 pm, and parents are free to take their children home as soon as the assembly concludes. I look forward to seeing you all then.

Thank you!

I just wanted to add a quick post to thank all parents for a very positive and productive parents’ evening. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and celebrate the successes of Team Daviot’s wonderful pupils. I must apologise for moaning about my bad back, but the level of sympathy was greatly appreciated.

Well Done, Rosie!

This afternoon, Daviot Primary School had 23 pupils – ranging from 1 year old to 12 years old – in the same class! I honestly think that might be a new Scottish education record! Ha-ha. It was definitely a new experience for me, but the classroom was buzzing – and I loved it! A big well done must go out to Rosie, who did her very first painting today. I have never seen a child so young stay so engaged on a task for so long. I think Team Daviot’s youngest member could be an artist of the future! Amazing! Well done, Rosie!