Enterprise Challenge!

I am pleased to announce that Lauren and Evie will be taking part in the Blythswood Enterprise Challenge, which takes place from February 10th to March 10th. This home-school project will provide the girls with an enterprise activity which is interesting, challenging and competitive. This year schools have the choice of one of three projects to raise funds for; 999 Project, Orphaned Children in India or Talita Kum After-School Project in Romania. Our team will be given £20 and asked to “make it grow” over a four week period. The team will be required to submit a report outlining how they used the £20 to raise the money. The judges will be assessing creativity and team work, as well as the contents of the report and the amount that has been raised. From the reports, the judges will select the schools who will be asked to make a presentation at the final in May. Good luck, girls. I know you will do us proud! Please see the attachments below for more information.

Daviot email

2016 Guidelines

Fundraising Ideas (children)

1 thought on “Enterprise Challenge!

  1. Anonymous

    What an amazing idea. I am sure you will do an amazing job of making the £20 grow. Looking forward to hearing all about your ideas. Ms Ross


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