Monthly Archives: August 2015

Scottish SPCA Visit

Daviot welcomed the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals into school today. The SSPCA encourage kindness to animals, aim to prevent cruelty through education, investigate abuse, rescue animals in distress and find animals new homes. The SSPCA do an amazing job, and the talk they gave us was interesting, informative and had very important message. Please note down their Animal Helpline: 03000 999 999.


Hello to Mr S!

Daviot welcomed Mr Scott-Woodhouse into school today. Mr S will be replacing Mrs Russell as our specialist PE teacher for a few terms. Mrs Russell has started a secondment as the Principal Guidance Teacher at Milburn Academy. Obviously, we will miss her – but I’m sure the pupils will have a great time with Mr S too! Good luck Mrs Russell in your new role.

School Footwear

I know that little feet grow very quickly – however, one of the challenges of a rural school is the variable weather! Therefore, I would like to ask all parents to ensure that their child/children have school shoes for outside, well-fitting indoor shoes/plimsolls for the classroom, and, if possible trainers for every PE session.  Children can bring their trainers into school on PE days – or they can just leave them at school all week. Either way, it would be a big help if we could ensure all three types of footwear are available to the pupils. If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Excellent Reading, Yvie!

Yvie was brilliant at school again today. I was particularly impressed with the effort she put into her reading this morning. Yvie is one of my favourite children to read with – she always has a smile on her face – and her funny comments put a big smile on my face too! Well done, Yvie. Keep up the hard work!

Network Down

I’m just adding a quick post to let parents know that our school network has been down for a few days. Consequently, I have been unable to send or receive any emails. Many apologies if anyone has been trying to contact me.