Daily Archives: August 28, 2015


I was so impressed with Evie and Lauren today. Team Daviot’s designated Junior Road Safety Officers designed their own poster competition to emphasise their very important message. Not only that, they wrote the rules, prepared examples, and then led the teaching. Truly amazing! It was also lovely to see them working alongside our youngest pupils to make sure they understood the task. Fantastic work girls – you are going to be such a miss to the team when you move on to the Acedemy. Thankfully, we still have a full year with you both!


Show and Tell!

Joshua presented one of my favourite ever ‘Show and Tells’ today. His helicopter was awesome! A big thank you must also go to his Grandad for buying it. I’m off to buy one for myself over the weekend! It was also great to see Lucca and Joshua working so well together again – they really have embraced our Flight topic. Well done, boys! I am so pleased you have joined Team Daviot!