Daily Archives: August 26, 2015

Hello to Mr S!

Daviot welcomed Mr Scott-Woodhouse into school today. Mr S will be replacing Mrs Russell as our specialist PE teacher for a few terms. Mrs Russell has started a secondment as the Principal Guidance Teacher at Milburn Academy. Obviously, we will miss her – but I’m sure the pupils will have a great time with Mr S too! Good luck Mrs Russell in your new role.

School Footwear

I know that little feet grow very quickly – however, one of the challenges of a rural school is the variable weather! Therefore, I would like to ask all parents to ensure that their child/children have school shoes for outside, well-fitting indoor shoes/plimsolls for the classroom, and, if possible trainers for every PE session.  Children can bring their trainers into school on PE days – or they can just leave them at school all week. Either way, it would be a big help if we could ensure all three types of footwear are available to the pupils. If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Excellent Reading, Yvie!

Yvie was brilliant at school again today. I was particularly impressed with the effort she put into her reading this morning. Yvie is one of my favourite children to read with – she always has a smile on her face – and her funny comments put a big smile on my face too! Well done, Yvie. Keep up the hard work!

Network Down

I’m just adding a quick post to let parents know that our school network has been down for a few days. Consequently, I have been unable to send or receive any emails. Many apologies if anyone has been trying to contact me.