Daily Archives: August 20, 2015

Leaders of Learning

At Daviot, we encourage children to be leaders of their own learning. So, it was great to see Katie and Joshua bringing things in from home to help us with our topic work today. In fact, they inspired our Technology work this afternoon. If any parents have any ideas or suggestions regarding activities or experiences for our Flight topic, we would welcome them too!

Jake and Henry

Jake has been wowing me all week with his knowledge of the Henry the Hoover vacuum cleaner range. To be honest, I had no idea how much I was missing! Therefore, I knew who to call when I needed some extra assistance cleaning up this afternoon – Jake and Henry! And what a marvellous job they did too! Thanks, Jake.


Brilliant Bouldering!

I was really impressed with Daniel and Yvie’s bouldering skills on the climbing wall today. They were both demonstrating brilliant technique. We might have to look into getting them onto the big wall at Inverness Leisure to give them more of a challenge! Well done.


It was great to welcome Mr Josie – our visiting Kodály teacher – back into school today. The Kodály concept of music education offers children stimulating and enjoyable music lessons that help them to become more musically literate and develop their musical appreciation. As always, the children had a fantastic time – and I am really pleased to say that Mr Josie will be coming back on the next three Thursdays (and again later in the year) to work with our P1 to P4 pupils.