Daily Archives: May 29, 2015

Well Done, Jake!

This week, Yellow and Blue tables produced some brilliant writing based on the story of the Gingerbread Man – and it was great to see some of the characters they had created during their painting session today. I loved the Carrot Cake Crocodile idea – but Jake’s painting of the Cookie Caterpillar from his story was awesome! I’ve been so impressed with Jake since he started with us full-time. His effort and enthusiasm have been wonderful, and his rapid progress across the curriculum has been truly amazing. It is also lovely to see him enjoying his art sessions now. I really think he has a talent for the subject. Well done, Jake. I’m so proud of you!

Good Luck, Girls!

I am just adding a quick post to wish our Inter-school sports team the best of luck tomorrow. I must also say a very special thank you to Kirsten for stepping into Rory’s shoes in the relay. If anyone wants to go along to show their support, the event is taking place at Bught Park. The morning session is scheduled to begin at 9.45am. Go Team Daviot!