Daily Archives: May 14, 2015

Club Golf

I would like to say a very big thank you to Tim Allen – our Active School Coordinator – for coming along to school today to do some Club Golf with the children. We had loads of fun, and considering it was the first time some of our pupils had picked up a golf club, the skill level was amazing. Check out Jake’s chipping technique. Watch out Rory McIlroy!!!!

Water Bottles

I am just adding another quick post to ask all parents to send water bottles into school on Monday too. As the weather is starting to get warmer, I would like to ensure the children stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Previously, children had their own cups in school – but now I feel it would be best to move them on to water bottles. I will wash and fill the bottles every day at school, and then I will send them back home on a Friday for a proper deep clean. Thanks for your support.

PE Kits

I am just adding a quick post to ask all parents to send PE kits into school on Monday. For the rest of  term, I would like pupils to keep their kits at school for the whole week. If you could send it in a separate bag – so they can hang it on their peg – that would be really helpful. Thanks for your support.

New Starters

Team Daviot welcomed back our August new-starters for another visit today. It was a glorious afternoon, so we spent most of it outside getting to know Sophie and Shiloh a lot better. They really are two lovely young ladies – and we can wait see them both again next week.