Daily Archives: February 24, 2015

Mobile Friendly

I am just adding a quick post to let you all know that the Daviot Primary Blog is now mobile friendly. This should make navigating our site much easier on small screens. Please don’t forget, you can also follow the school on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Woods Harvesting 

Next Monday, Daviot pupils have been invited to Farr Woods to witness the community woods harvesting project. This will be a great opportunity for the pupils to see the machinery involved in the process in action. We will also be guided around the site by Donald Longden who is coordinating the harvest.  It should be a very interesting and informative experience. Please ensure all pupils have the appropriate clothing and footwear for a trip of this nature. Thanks.


Music Festival at Eden Court

I am just writing a quick to post to give everyone a few more details about the Inverness Music Festival on Friday. Daviot pupils will be competing in three categories. KE will be doing a short monologue from Twelfth Night. KK and LK will be performing a short duologue from the play too. The whole class will then perform the last scene. Tickets are available if you would like to attend. If possible, can parents pick up their children from the theatre at about 3pm? If this poses any difficulties, please let me know.