Daily Archives: February 5, 2015

Saltire Challenge

junior-saltire-award-d590262626a100dd7ca48b6c9cf3518fNext week, pupils will be diving into this year’s Junior Saltire Challenge. To help us with our endeavour, I would really appreciate it if you would collect and send some junk modelling materials. We are particularly looking for butter/margarine tubs, small plastic bottles and any other waterproof containers you have available. Thanks for your support.


I am thrilled to say Martin from GiggaJam will be visiting Daviot to give our P5 to P7 pupils some guitar lessons. He was so impressed with their drumming skills, he is over the moon to be coming back again in March.basshome

Creative Kids!

I am just writing a quick post to let all parents know that I have booked an Art and Design specialist to come into school. Charlotte will be visiting us for two full mornings before Easter to lead some exciting creative projects. We also hope to get her for a couple of sessions after the holidays too! art_and_design_button_copy