Daily Archives: November 11, 2014

Team Daviot Steals the Show!

IMG_1360Well… I have to say it… I’m finally lost for words!!! So, I’m going to leave it to Mr Kortland who summed up last night so well.

What an amazing performance by all the Daviot kids! They were all brilliant. The whole audience really enjoyed it and it was by far and away the best production on the night. It was the most enjoyable night out at the theatre I’ve ever had!

To be honest, only the people who were at Eden Court to see the play will ever believe what our children accomplished. Seven pupils (aged 6 to 11) performed Twelfth Night in the original Shakespearean language. Not only that, they shared 14 parts across 11 scenes and did it in front of 250 people! Truly astonishing! I’m so proud of you all.