Sports Day at Strathdearn

IMG_0536[1]I just wanted to add a quick post to say a very big thank you to the staff and pupils at Strathdearn Primary School for inviting us to participate in their wonderful Sports Day.  A special mention must go to Ms Banks for her sterling work. Without her effort and enthusiasm the event wouldn’t have been such a success. The organisation really was amazing, and the multi-event carousel was an inspirational idea. The pupils had a fabulous time – as did the parents. Thanks must also go to Tim Allan – our Active Schools Coordinator – who supported Ms Banks in the endeavour. Well done to the Canadian team who were triumphant in the overall competition. However, it is safe to say that all the children were winners on the day. The weather was magnificent too! Thanks again from everyone at Daviot Primary School.


1 thought on “Sports Day at Strathdearn

  1. strathdearnblog

    Thank you for your comments. It was really lovely that you all came down to our school for Sports Day. Glad you enjoyed the day! When are you all coming back? What shall we do together next?


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