Daily Archives: May 28, 2014

Wow! The Space Base Comes to Daviot

Daviot CapturePrimary were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Generation Science ‘Space Base’ today.  The Space Base contains a huge interactive  planetarium, and it took us on an amazing journey through the stars.  We explored our own solar system and ventured to the furthest edge of our galaxy.  It really was an amazing experience.  I was so proud of our class when Jonas – one of our Space Base guides – said he was so impressed by how much our children already knew about space.  Well done Team Daviot!  Maybe we will produce the first astronaut to visit Mars.

Well Done Girls!


LK and KK participated in a charity ride at the weekend. They rode their horses – Bebop and Twix – three miles to raise money for the Equine Grass Sickness Fund. The girls collected more money than anyone else who took part, so they were presented with the special horseshoes they are holding in the picture. Very well done!