Coming Up This Week

A few reminders for this week:

Class 1 and 2:

Lunch money. Please could all P4-7 pupils who are having school dinners this week bring their money in a sealed, named envelope.

Library vanThursday 19th September. Please could all children check at home and return any outstanding books.

Class 1:

Toy afternoon: Thursday 19th September. Children may bring up to two of their favourite toys to share with the class and compare with older toys on loan from the Museum of Childhood.

P1 Parents Information Evening: Thursday 19th September, 6-7pm.

Class 1 -Thursday and Friday Fun

A selection of pictures showing some of our learning and activities over the past couple of days. Making graphs with Mrs Reid, drawing and playing Hopscotch games, word building with the ‘ee’ sound and making tea whilst practising the ‘t’ sound!

Lovely to see everyone enthusiastic and ready to learn. Have a lovely weekend Class 1, and we’ll see you back at school on Wednesday 18th September.

Has anyone seen Forky?

Today we received an interesting letter and package from ‘Spoony’. Working in teams the class were able to solve the puzzles ( Venn diagrams, mathematics, sudoku and binary code ) and crack the safe open….Only 1 Forky was missing. We have no idea what has happened and plan to make posters next week, in the hope that someone will be able to help us.

Keep your eyes peeled.


Celebrating Roald Dahl

Today we celebrated Roald Dahl by drawing our favourite character from one of his books. Some of us were quite surprised by just how many books he had written.

Next we watched an few extracts from Matilda and the BFG. Roald Dahl uses some amazing vocabulary to describe his characters.

In the afternoon we made dream jars and Frobscottle.


Class 1 – Old Toys and Games

“It’s a spinning top!” “I know that game!” “This is quite tricky” “Can I have a go?” “I have Barbies at home” “I love this topic!” Class 1 were beyond excited to explore old toys and games from the Highland Museum of Childhood today. We will also be exploring some resources linked to older playground games. 

As a way to compare present day toys with those from the past, all the children have been invited to bring up to two of their favourite toys to share with the class. This sharing session will take place on Thursday 19th September, but toys can be brought in earlier and kept at school if preferred.

Additionally, any parents, grandparents or other family members who are willing to pop in and show/ share toys from their youth would also be very welcome! Please get in touch with the school if you are interested in arranging a date/ time.

Many thanks!

Class 1 Trip Postponed

Dear Parents and Carers,

Unfortunately, due to transportation issues, we’ve had to postpone Class 1’s trip to the Museum of Childhood. We are currently in discussion with the museum on a new date and will share this with you as soon as we have confirmation.

All other trip details will remain the same. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Thank you,

Miss Costa