Numicon Cityscape

Day Two of Maths Week: Class 1 have created a superhero cityscape using Numicon! Perfect for P1-4: some of us recognised individual numbers, others were counting the ‘windows’ in 2s, others were mentally calculating the total of pieces used! Maths and art combined.

Class 1 Capes

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A big thank you to Mrs Paul for making Class 1 some super capes (out of her old curtains)! We’re really looking forward to adding our own designs, and today we loved having a trial flight in the playground. Class 1 to the rescue! Zoooooooooooooommmmmm!!


Maths All Around- P3 and P4

Today P3 and P4 began Maths Week by thinking about how Maths is all around us: from using money when we shop, to measuring out ingredients for cooking, to noticing shapes, patterns and symmetry in buildings and the natural world. The children were then challenged to capture good examples of Maths around the school grounds and to explain their choices. Good job everyone 👍🏻